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The EnergyONE Story…

How e1 got started in solar & renewables

EnergyONE Renewables is a renewable energy sales and distribution company that was founded in Kansas City back in 2013. Compared to other solar companies in Missouri and KC, we have a rather unique history here in the Midwest. Our company first began as an electrical contracting business that we converted to be 100% solar. EnergyONE then quickly became known for our quality installations, large satisfied customer following, and superior tier-one products at an unbeatable price. Over the years we’ve grown by leaps and bounds, earning many accolades along the way. Once a national brand with several divisions, EnergyONE reduced its company footprint in 2020, bringing our headquarters back to our hometown of Kansas City. By doing so, this has allowed us to continue to grow and venture into other forms of clean energy (such as wind energy and geothermal) without sacrificing the quality thousands of customers have been privy to experience so far. We continue to pride ourselves on having a vast span of knowledge in the clean energy field, being 100% transparent and honest with our customers, all while having the perfect partnerships in place so that we can offer our customers the best products, with the best warranties, installed by the best-certified professionals. What can we say? We’re just better!

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Why So many Choose Us

Significant Financial Savings

Eliminate or reduce your monthly utility bill. Lock in a fixed rate now that is typically the same or less than you pay now, however you’re no longer susceptible to the annual rate increases. 

Earn a Great ROI

Solar isn’t an expense, its an investment. The average US homeowner pays off their solar in 7-8 years and sees a return on investment of 20% or more.

Increased Property Value

It’s no secret that solar panels increase a home’s value by 4.1% across the US. That’s an increase of $10,250 on a $250,000 home, according to a new analysis by Zillow. 

Boost US Energy Independence

77% of Americans agree that its more important for the USA to develop alternative energy sources, like solar and wind energy than it is to produce more fossil fuels (like coal, and oil) according to a recent research survey. Most of the energy we use in America (80%) comes from fossil fuels. Going solar keeps that number on the decline.

Reduce your carbon footprint

The average solar array eliminates 3-4 tons of carbon emissions annually. This is equivalent to planting 100 trees every year! 

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our streamlined process

EnergyONE Renewables does all we can to take the hard work off of your hands. We secure low-interest financing, locate and take advantage of any availible tax credits, and ultimately save you valuable time & money. Whether the project is geared towards solar, generators, batteries, geothermal, or any other renewable energy endeavor, we ensure it’s handled stress-free, with customer satisfaction at the forefront of our minds.

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