In a world where the cost of energy is ever-increasing, it’s only natural that homeowners begin looking into alternative ways to generate power and ditch their electrical bill. Solar is a convenient and flexible answer to this dilemma, being both a personal source of power that doesn’t take up much space and a leading contributor to the improvement of our climate.

With a properly-sized system, homeowners can generate electricity that is entirely their own to do with as they please. Whether that be storing it in a battery to go fully off-grid, or selling it back to the grid for a hefty profit, solar enables you to take your electricity woes into your own hands. No longer do you have to worry about others being responsible for your power.

The price of electricity will never stop rising, but you can choose to stop it for yourself by going solar and reducing or even eliminating the problem altogether. Solar isn’t just an investment in your future, but in the future of your family and loved ones. Not only does it provide long-term financial security, but with the right set-up, you’re afforded real physical security with the ability to create your own electricity in even the most dire oF power-outage situations.

Sun Powered


EnergyONE as a company was founded on customer transparency with a heavy emphasis on quality. Not only does this mean high-quality solar installs, but also a strong focus on delivering a high-quality customer experience and payment plan. While the total cost of a system is entirely dependent on the individual customer’s needs, we aim to offer you a few things to make the process quite a bit easier.

Firstly, you’ll be receiving your system with zero down. This means that, where you used to be making payments to your power company, you’ll now be making similar payments towards your solar system. The only difference? Your solar system will shortly pay itself off, instead of sticking with you forever! In addition to the 25-year warranty promised by SunPower, EnergyONE is also the only company to offer a lifetime warranty on top. This adds up to a triple layer net of financial security that you won’t be getting anywhere else.


Our business has the rare privilege of being able to work with SunPower, the producer of what is widely considered to be the most effective solar panel on the market. Due to their massive 60% improvement in efficiency over the ordinary panel, the number of panels required overall is also reduced. This all ends up equating to paying a comparable cost for a smaller, more durable, and much more efficient system.

Solar energy definitely isn’t something you want to go the cheap route with, you’ll want a system that can fulfill its promises and hold up against every kind of poor weather condition imaginable. You’ll want a system that can withstand years and years of heavy use and frequent temperature fluctuation, a system that can be relied upon. That system is SunPower.


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