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The Sunpower standard

EnergyONE is one of precious few solar companies granted access to exclusive SunPower panels, renowned as the best in the industry.

For your average homeowner, SunPower panels promise longevity and efficiency far beyond that of the average system. For business owners, they represent a solid investment endorsed by the overwhelming majority of solar-utilizing Fortune 500 companies. In almost every situation, SunPower reigns supreme as the most effective choice for solar energy production.

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longer lifespan

SunPower panels are built to withstand opposition in the forms of temperature, direct damage, and anything else mother nature may have to throw at them. With the flexibility to withstand impact and the ability to resist expansion and contraction with heat, these panels will last you over twice as long as an average panel on the market!

unrivaled efficiency

Believe it or not, SunPower panels produce a whopping 65% more power than the average panel in its lifetime. What’s more, SunPower panels degrade at less than half the average rate. Against the comparatively low additional cost, it’s clear to see what makes it such a worthwhile investment. Pay a little more to get a LOT more!

Non-intrusive design

Higher panel efficiency means less panels on your roof. Combine that with the sleek, antireflective design of the panels themselves, and you’ll have an array that you don’t have to worry about looking like an eyesore on your roof. Additionally, a better-looking array means higher property value for those seeking to sell their home later down the line.

-Intrusive Design

secure warrantee

Whereas normal panels typically guarantee a warrantee of 10 years on average, SunPower offers a whopping 25 years, PLUS any SunPower inverters or other equipment your array utilizes. That’s over 150% more security you’ll be getting over the average panel. Such a huge promise is only possible due to the utmost confidence in the product.