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Talking all things Renewable: Solar, Wind and Geothermal

Nov 8, 2020Environment, Geothermal, Renewables, Wind Energy

Solar, wind, or geothermal?

Renewable energy sources are the power of the future. While energy sources from conventional fossil fuels are limited, nature has given us its abundance, which science and technology have reshaped to serve us as unlimited energy sources. The price of conventional electricity and heating energy has shown a steady tendency of growth. In fact, the prices of energy from fossil sources are dictated by international factors, which we cannot influence. It’s accurate to say that the strength of countries is measured by the amount of energy they are exploiting. On the other hand, renewable energy sources are supporting younger, healthier earth, saving the future of generation to come.


Plenty of sunshine means plenty of yields

Photovoltaic (Solar) power systems have become the driving force in the renewable energy race. Whether residential, commercial, or utility grid application, solar proved to be the best green energy solution with the fastest ROI. Electricity from solar panels already achieved grid parity, so every solar power system is paying off for itself, and remain a free source of electricity for the rest of the lifespan. Solar panel developers have perfected the technology by improving solar cell efficiency, so solar panel installation can deliver remarkable output even on cloudy days. Solar panel installation doesn’t require any maintenance, and vast free energy from the sun is constantly opening new investment opportunities for residential, commercial, or utility-scale investors.


Hoping for a fresh wind of change

Wind energy is moving ahead of the energy curve. Sufficient potential for wind energy production is within reach. Unlike solar energy systems, it’s rare to see small investors interested in wind energy. Instead, wind energy is reserved for big players. Bigger rotor blades mean lower cost of energy, and turbine installation is a bit complicated than the monetization of solar energy per square foot. Just in 2019. megalomaniac 300 terawatts per hour from wind farms were generated in the USA.

Steady winds are ideally suited to large wind farms, and that’s the main reason for expanding offshore wind power plants. The biggest offshore wind turbine has a rotor diameter of 623 ft and generates 10MW of nominal power!

It’s possible to integrate micro wind turbines in an urban or suburban environment. They are mostly made of carbon fiber, compact weight and size, and capable of excellent performance even at moderate wind speed. Small wind power means the capacity classes from about 20 kW upwards, and these wind turbines start operating at a wind speed of 1-1.5 m/s, stop at 16 m/s, and can survive typhoons with 60 m/s. After a first glance, the required assembly and maintenance of wind turbines are casting a shadow on generous revenue generated in the rotor of these powerful Titans. That’s the main reason this renewable source of power is not becoming a favorite outside of utility grid circles.

Want to learn more?

While EnergyONE focuses on solar we would love to help you to become more energy independent. We will reduce your footprint! Contact our team today.

Geothermal energy on the rise

Geothermal heat pumps are the most cost-effective renewable energy solution for heating and cooling. A geothermal heat pump is a unique product that integrates with the radiator or underfloor heating system. The fully automated outdoor unit takes over thermal energy from the earth, groundwater, or surface water, and for each kW of thermal energy from the environment heat pump delivers 5 times more energy to the heating or cooling system. Good for the environment, great for your pocket.

The heat pump has no operating restrictions, it is equally efficient in operation during all times a day, and in every season. Noiseless system operation, no maintenance required, 20 years lifespan, high coefficient of utilization, and reliability of geothermal heat pump – all of these characteristics are improving the comfort of everyday life with the help of one device.

Geothermal energy is not a luxury, as it should lower the energy costs considerably. Without the need to choose a sunnier location, a heat pump is delivering an outstanding output, no matter the external temperature.

Beating fossil prices

There is only one way to ensure renewables beat fossil fuels in the long term: make them cheaper.

Hoping to address the large-scale industry challenges, many renewable companies are trying to show off their latest technological advances, aiming at further increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and bringing renewable power to more people. EnergyONE Renewables is offering technical advice in the Solar Energy Space for energy savings, photovoltaic system installation, and application.