The Solar Choice – It’s Easier Than You Think

May 13, 2021Products, Renewables, Solar

Where the world of solar energy is ever-shifting, evolving, and growing, the sales sphere unfortunately stays much the same. This means constantly having no choice but to deal with double-talk, manipulation, and often flat-out lies while trying to work out which solar company is best for you. Below you’ll find a few reasons why EnergyONE will quickly become your number one choice for solar.


Found within each individual solar panel is an extremely fragile silicon wafer that is critical to
the continued production of the system. If a panel’s internals are damaged in a major enough
way, you can consider that panel nothing more than a worthless block of metal. Needless to say,
durability is the most defining factor of a long-lasting system, and EnergyONE’s units do not disappoint.

SunPower panels are reinforced by a highly-conductive copper backing, enabling them to meet blunt blows head-on and keep producing like nothing happened. Even on the incredibly rare chance a panel does suffer harm, it’s likely its internals will get away with minimal damage.

Additionally, most regular systems fall victim to gradual thermal harm. As metal heats and cools, it will expand and contract with the fluctuations in temperature. Eventually, this will cause irreparable damage that will affect a unit’s lifespan. Luckily, with the aforementioned copper backing, SunPower panels are made especially resistant to this particular phenomenon.

All in all, SunPower systems are made with one thing in mind: efficiency. As a company that
aims to provide you the best solar energy system possible, it’s no wonder EnergyONE touts the best products on the market.


You’d be forgiven for expecting the highest-quality products on the market to cost you an arm and a leg, but the reality may surprise you.

For starters, you’re probably familiar with the terms “financing program” or “interest rate,” which will generally tend to average around 3%, usually more. While it’s true SunPower products have a higher upfront cost, it’s not until you take a look at the accompanying interest rate that you see the magic.

SunPower systems boast an unheard-of 0.99% interest rate! This may not seem like much at first, but it certainly adds up. In fact, according to our calculations, it’s not at all unlikely that you may actually SAVE money in the long run by choosing SunPower, the more expensive upfront product!

Saving money while also snatching a higher-quality system than the alternative? EnergyONE’s got you covered here, too.


It’s a grim fact that, unfortunately, many solar companies don’t even survive long enough to
support their own warrantees, or often promise support past the length of time they’ve been in business.

That’s why we’re pleased to say that SunPower is the only U.S.-based solar provider that has
been around longer than their 25-year warranty. As if this weren’t enough, EnergyONE is the only solar company to offer a true lifetime warranty. As we like to say, this creates a multi-layered safety net for your solar investment. We believe that there truly is no safer option for ensuring you get the most out of what you’ve paid for.


More than anything, EnergyONE understands what it means to dedicate oneself to solar energy. Whether it’s to save the planet, save a buck, or a bit of both, we get that it’s a daunting choice to make. Luckily, you don’t need to make it alone.

Rated in the Top 300 Solar Companies by Solar Power World, EnergyONE has racked up over
6,000 installs and counting under our belt. In addition, our guaranteed price-match will ensure you don’t find a better deal anywhere else.

Together, with our team of NABCEB-certified experts and a bit of your time, this family owned and operated solar company will stop at nothing to ensure you walk away with the best possible system at your disposal.