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What are the Benefits of Going Solar?

Sep 25, 2020Consulting, Solar

Solar energy has become one of the most popular renewable sources of energy all over the world today. Be it for industrial or domestic purpose solar helps to reduce electricity consumption by 50% that makes it a real energy saver in every sense of the word. One such place that’s witnessing wonderful advances in the field of solar energy is Kansas City. It’s found that around 25% of electric power in this city could be substituted with Kansas City solar panels on rooftops.

The advantages of solar energy are countless that one really feels amazed at how useful solar renewable energy is. This renewable source of energy is constantly under research and showing wonderful improvements in every field. The benefits of this wonderful source of energy are commendable:

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Firstly this source of energy is renewable this implies that we don’t have to worry about depleting it with use.


Eco Friendly

Secondly, solar energy is Eco friendly as it does not release any kind of carcinogens or carbon dioxide into the environment when you compare it to fossil fuels.


Consistent Power

Thirdly panels of solar energy that you plan to install are absolutely consistent, as almost 1000 hours of electricity can be generated from these panels with practically zero maintenance costs.


Silent Power

The good news is that solar cells are the only renewable energy source that works silently while generating energy.


Long Term Pay Off

Although the initial investment for installation of solar panels is quite a big amount, this will surely be worth every penny in the future and eventually it will nullify the cost you paid to set it up.


Variety of Options

You have a wonderful variety of solar panels to choose from ranging from entry level to tier one panels, according to your requirements and budget. This means that even the middle class can afford this investment that will reap major gains in future.


Sell Back to the Grid

Yet more good news is that you can even sell the surplus electricity back to your utility company for bill credits and sometimes even a refund check!  This means you can really make money with your long time investment.


Tax Credits and Rebates

Many public utilities are still offering rebates to their customers that go solar. Additionally, the Federal Government has also provided a Federal Solar Tax Credit to people that purchase solar. This means huge savings for homeowners that go solar. Currently (at the time this was written), the ITC Federal Tax Credit is 26% of the purchase price of your solar project through 2020, and 22% through 2021, to help offset your Federal Tax obligation. And if that wasn’t enough you have five years to use this entire amount. So if you are only able to use a portion of the Federal Tax Credit the first year you have four more years to use up that tax credit. You can get to know entire details about this by just getting in touch with your local representatives.

DISCLAIMER: There are do it yourself Kansas City solar kits that can be installed, however, we do not advise installing solar systems without a Master Electrician and a professional installation crew.